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Lesser Known Rangers – Volume 11


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Ah, August; the month of anticipation. Why do I say this? Well, hockey is a little more than a month away and those Rangers fans that root for the Mets are eagerly anticipating another sport that can draw their attention away from the dumpster fire that is in Queens. What the beginning of training camp and the early stages of a new season brings forth is obscure players going in and out of the Blueshirts locker room. Some stay for the season and some do not. Let’s take a look at a few players that will make you say:”Did he really play for the Rangers?”

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The history and evolution of the Rangers jersey

NY Rangers Jerseys (Heritage Sports Art)

NY Rangers Jerseys (Heritage Sports Art)

The majority of this story first appeared in 2014 and was authored by Steven Lofreddo

The New York Rangers are an original six team and have therefore seen some changes to their jersey since 1926. Below I will describe the transition of the jersey throughout history, and how it kept pace with a rapidly evolving NHL. Much of the information that I was able to gather came from Read more

Lesser Known Rangers – Volume 10

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You know, it’s incredible how when looking at rosters for research for this article, how many obscure names you can come by, some you can vividly remember and some you don’t. Seeing as the Rangers have been around since the days before World War II, many people have come and gone through Madison Square Garden and donned a blueshirt. So, strap yourselves in and grab a coffee, as we go down memory lane and take a look at some Ranger players you more than likely forgot… Read more

Two Rangers On List Of Most Memorable Goals in American History



It is that time of year again. The time of year where every Red, White, and Blue blooded American gets together with family, friends, and neighbors and celebrates the Independence of the United States of America by drinking beer, watching baseball, swimming, and shooting off fireworks. While hockey may not be the first thing you associate America with, there is no doubt that some of the greatest moments in American sports history have come from hockey. In celebration of Independence Day, here are my Top Five goals by American Hockey Players, with only a slight bias towards the Rangers.

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Happy Anniversary: Celebrating the 1994 New York Rangers

Hockey Playoffs: 1994. NHL. Canucks vs Rangers. Team raising Stanley Cup along ticker-tape parade route. (Nancy Siesel/The New York Times)

Team raising Stanley Cup along ticker-tape parade route. (Nancy Siesel/The New York Times)

June 14th, 1994 is likely the greatest moment for any Rangers fan. That night, the Rangers ended a curse that lasted 54 years and lifted Lord Stanley’s Cup high above their heads. Here are some of our very best posts on that great night. Read more

Lesser Known Rangers – Volume 9

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So, here we are. New coach, new plan, and a team that is not too far from the brink of contention. It’s a good time to be a Rangers fan, then again, it’s ALWAYS good to be a Rangers fan. As the Rangers are getting ready to build a team that has youth as it’s core, mixed with veteran leadership, there are players needed to fill in the gaps. Sometimes, these role players are key cogs within the team and some are just filler for a brief time and fade away into oblivion. You know EXACTLY where this is headed. We’re going to take a look at three more players who essentially faded away, but still donned a blueshirt, so here goes nothing.

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