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Goodbye, Anthony and Welcome to Forever Blueshirts

Welcome to Forever Blueshirts, the home of the Tilted Ice family of podcasts and the new blog being run by former members of the FullTilt NYR site. We’re here to bring you some great content, in both the writing medium and podcast medium and we aim to be your #1 source for Rangers news and insights. We have a great team assembled and ready to provide you with the best content possible. As we officially head into this new era; two of the longest tenured people from the Forever Blueshirts family want to say goodbye to a certain someone. Read more

Let’s Play The Blame Game

USA Today

There is something deeply engrained within the sports fan. Past passion, past excitement, past memories, past the ability to get oh so high from a trade that seems to go in your favor, right where irrationality meets frustration lays that dirty ugly five letter word, blame. The Rangers lose: polls run, who’s to blame? Beat writers search for the scapegoat, irrational fans go to their old favorites “That was definitely Girardi’s fault on defense and Stepan never put home that puck on the goal line.” But wait, it’s 2017. Those names are long gone, but still, the instinct is to blame and blame who or what’s comfortable.

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DeAngelo under fire after just one preseason game

Tony DeAngelo made his Rangers debut at the Garden in last night’s 1-0 OT win over the Islanders. Instead of talking about his rock solid game that earned him the third star of the contest, the NY Post inserted his politics into a headline that reads, “Rangers Trump-Loving Bad Boy Wants A Fresh Start”. Read more

Sports and the Power of Healing in the Wake of Tragedy

Hurricane Harvey has finished, causing destruction throughout the South and most notably, Houston. However, the effects left in the wake of the storm continue to affect the lives of millions of people. Although I am stationed at Fort Hood, near Austin, the effects of the storm are still visible to me on a daily basis. Read more

The Evolution of the Enforcer

Boll vs Glass (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

We all love fighting in hockey, as long as it’s not staged. Emotions overflow, two guys just get in each other’s faces and won’t back down; but a whole team built to push the entire league around and win a championship? That doesn’t happen very often. Read more

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