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On The Road With The Rangers


A common goal amongst many sports fans is to visit all of the arenas that make up their favorite league. After becoming a huge hockey fan in high school, I decided that since I love to travel and love to watch hockey, it would be awesome to visit all 31 NHL arenas. Living in New York, only about 20 miles north of Manhattan, it’s pretty easy to visit a handful of arenas in the northeast. I guess I am somewhat privileged. Being a New York Ranger fans, I had obviously visited Madison Square Garden but from there I wanted to begin to expand.

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Who Should Be Held Accountable For The Rangers Struggles In 2017-18?

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Accountability. We are all accountable for things in our lives, especially our jobs. Like most of you out there, I have bills to pay and finances to worry about. I have to make sure I perform well at my job or I will be let go and someone will be brought in to replace me. That’s just how life works. Right now there seems to be a major problem within the New York Rangers organization. That problem is the safety net that some of these top figures within the organization seem to have and that this team won’t get better and won’t make any noise unless changes are made. It’s about accountability and right now Alain Vigneault and Jeff Gorton need to be held accountable for this mess that they’ve made.

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Going beyond Corsi: A look at PDO, Fenwick, High Danger Chances, and Scoring Chances

Notes about the study

After I wrote and published my last article concerning the applicability and predictability of Corsi as an indicator of success, I became interested to see if there were any advanced statistics that were a more accurate than Corsi.  Some of the statistics that I began to look at were Fenwick, High Danger Chances For, Scoring Chances For, and even PDO.  For this study I will be looking at these stats as an indicator of success in the NHL as a more effective alternative to Corsi.  While Corsi is considered the gold standard of “advanced stats” there are plenty of other advanced stats that help to provide insight into the game of hockey.   Read more

Hockey And The Army

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Hockey Life

Before I jump into my Army experiences, I’ll just give a little background about my hockey experience. I began playing hockey at the age of four on a pond on our farm in New Jersey. Just one year later when I began playing organized hockey, the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup and I was hooked for life. Read more

Goodbye, Anthony and Welcome to Forever Blueshirts

Welcome to Forever Blueshirts, the home of the Tilted Ice family of podcasts and the new blog being run by former members of the FullTilt NYR site. We’re here to bring you some great content, in both the writing medium and podcast medium and we aim to be your #1 source for Rangers news and insights. We have a great team assembled and ready to provide you with the best content possible. As we officially head into this new era; two of the longest tenured people from the Forever Blueshirts family want to say goodbye to a certain someone. Read more

Let’s Play The Blame Game

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There is something deeply engrained within the sports fan. Past passion, past excitement, past memories, past the ability to get oh so high from a trade that seems to go in your favor, right where irrationality meets frustration lays that dirty ugly five letter word, blame. The Rangers lose: polls run, who’s to blame? Beat writers search for the scapegoat, irrational fans go to their old favorites “That was definitely Girardi’s fault on defense and Stepan never put home that puck on the goal line.” But wait, it’s 2017. Those names are long gone, but still, the instinct is to blame and blame who or what’s comfortable.

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