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In a world divided… Hockey helps bring us together

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Hockey. We all love it. The passion for the game that’s within us all. Some play, some don’t, all appreciate. This past season had it’s up and downs but no community comes together like the hockey community. We may root for different teams and we may have different loyalties in life but when it comes down to it, we are all bound by a love of the game. A love of the game that spans from grandfather to father. From grandmother to mother and from parents to children. We lift each other up in times of sorrow and experience all the joys of the game with the ones we love. Read more

Former Rangers Forward Leading The Push For NHL Concussion Reform


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Our Beloved Sport

Hockey is considered one of the most dangerous and violent sports on the planet. We all take great pride in not only being fans of the New York Rangers but of the game itself. 

A great quote from Scotty Bowman basically summarizes the game of hockey. “High sticking, tripping, slashing, spearing, charging, hooking, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, interference, roughing……everything else is just figure-skating.”

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Voynov wants to return, the Rangers and the NHL don’t need him

Voynov and wife (BRAD GRAVERSON/AP)

Slava Voynov wants to come back to the NHL. The 28 year old, talented defenseman would bolster any team’s blue line but the message it would present is extremely negative. It’s a message that the Rangers or any team should avoid for obvious reasons. Read more

Rangers must learn recipe for success from recent Cup winners

The NHL’s offseason has officially begun with the Washington Capitals defeating the Vegas Golden Knights in 5 games for the Stanley Cup. While all teams are now fully focused on the draft and the upcoming Free Agent Frenzy, the Rangers must come to grips with finding a way to obtain what they so desperately need…high end offensive talent up front. Read more

The Rangers Should Follow Nashville’s Road To Success

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The New York Rangers season ends this week and with it, fans now look to the draft and the offseason as the biggest moments coming up for the franchise. Since the letter was released just a few months ago, fans and analysts have been discussing and debating about which players they want to target in the draft, which players they feel should be signed, if trades should be made and so on. Going forward, the Rangers could follow many paths on their road back to becoming Stanley Cup contenders; but one team in particular sticks out as a model and that’s the Nashville Predators.

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Thou Shalt Not Enter The Blue Paint!

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In a season filled with talking points across the NHL, perhaps the biggest point of contention, outside of the Olympics, is goaltender interference. Games have been turned, and one could argue the 2014 Stanley Cup is a prime example, because of a goal that was allowed or disallowed based on the (poor) judgment of the referee. This needs to end, and there are a couple of simple solutions to this problem.

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