Game Changer: Yandle acquired for J. Moore, Duclair and picks. Girardi Stays!

Anthony Duclair is in AZ (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

Duclair is in AZ (AP Photo/Kathy Kmonicek)

The details of the deal are now out and Dan Girardi is not involved. The deal per Nick Kypreos is John Moore, Anthony Duclair and multiple draft picks for Keith Yandle.


This is a GO FOR THE CUP move by Slats. There is no ifs ands or buts about it. Declair will be a star, but a defense of Yandle, McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, Klein and Boyle is literally a game changer for the playoffs.

If the Rangers can re-sign Zuccarello and a depth forward this could be the biggest coup of the NHL trade deadline.

Game Changer: Yandle acquired for J. Moore, Duclair and picks. Girardi Stays!
Article Name
Game Changer: Yandle acquired for J. Moore, Duclair and picks. Girardi Stays!
The New York Rangers have added to their already impressive blueline by acquiring Keith Yandle of the Arizona Coyotes.


  • Agree so much. alot of people think weve been robbed on this trade but i think its a good one!

  • Be honest. Sather got hosed on this deal. Yandle is way overrated and over payed. I rather see that waste of space Girardi gone. Duclair is going to haunt them.

    • If you think this is a bad deal then you haven’t been paying attention. Besides that, if they thought Duclair was worth keeping, they would have kept him. He hasn’t even been on NHL ice since what, late November/early December. Not to send him for someone like Yandle because we’ll (possibly, mind you) regret it in the future, when we’re not even using him now is absolutely absurd. Hosed? For two players who can’t do nothing for us now (when their professional hockey development still remains to be seen and proven)? Short of Yandle getting injured or completely freezing in the NYC spotlight, this is a win-win for the Rangers.

    • ny2473, if you think giradi is a was of space then you a really not paying attention.

  • Too many defensive lapses. This move is justified. I hate to see DuClair go but er still have some youth.

  • Rangers clearly got screwed royally on this deal. Yandel is one of the most over rated dmen in hockey along with Chara and Robin Regehr.

  • Awesome move. We needed depth on our defense and got it. Sign Zucc now. Please

  • depends on what the cond 1 st is — might not be a 1st if things dont happen

  • Nice moves all around today. Duclair will crumble in Phoenix without a team to support him. Sather played the whole year well by keeping Duclair up just long enough to show him around and then back to Jr’s in time to post good numbers to keep his market value high ans everyone still interested in him. As far as Yandle goes, let’s see what his numbers jump to with the support of a whole team around him. Sather kept everyone together and filled a few voids to still have a Cup contender in the house TODAY. NOT next year or the year after, but this year.

    • Agreed. I’m not sure Duke will crumble in Arizona though [ha ha, you owe me a beer for saying Phoenix :P], but I agree with everything else. They dangled him like a carrot, Yandle’s numbers will most likely improve, and Sather is all in for sure. He’s been doing a stellar job overall the past few years. They’ve been building and building for this and now It’s time to get it Donagh. Sorry.. couldn’t resist. Saw a shirt with it somewhere today and it stuck with me. ha

      BTW – Thanks for your reply earlier.

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