Lesser Known Rangers – Volume 5



90 years of existence, the Rangers have had a plethora of players come and go through the gates of Madison Square Garden. Some names known and some not so popular and some you probably had no idea played for the Rangers, or didn’t even remember their time here. Lesser Known Rangers dives into this topic by looking into players to whom you had no idea donned a Blueshirt. So strap yourselves in and prepare to take a trip down obscure hockey player avenue! Let’s begin!

Chris Holt, Goaltender

Time with Rangers – 10 minutes in one game during the 2005-06 season

There isn’t much to say here about Chris Holt. Holt was drafted 180th overall by the Rangers in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. His tenure as a Ranger was mainly in the minor leagues, as he bounced around between the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack and the ECHL’s Charlotte Checkers. Holt was called up in December 2005 to back up Henrik Lundqvist, as incumbent backup Kevin Weekes was injured at the time. He played just over 10 minutes in a game, making two saves in his only appearance as a Ranger. He was sent down to Hartford shortly thereafter. That was all we would see of Chris Holt with the Blueshirts.

After a season in the Rangers’ minor league system, Holt signed with the St. Louis Blues in October 2008 and made another appearance as an emergency back up for Chris Mason in February 2009. He played 19 minutes, allowing no goals and making 3 saves in the process. Since then, he’s bounced around from the Senators’ training camp to the AHL, then back to the ECHL. He’s also made trips to Russia, Austria, Italy and the United Kingdom.

He’s also part of a Latvian band called “Ice Wolf” where he sings and does covers of songs. It’s not as bad as you may think, he’s actually pretty good at this music stuff!


Patrick Flatley, Right Wing

Time with Rangers – 68 games played during the 1996-97 season

For thirteen seasons, Patrick Flatley wore the captains “C” on his chest proudly. Then, General Manager and “man who makes smart hockey decisions” Mike Milbury, bought out the remaining year on Flatley’s contract, rendering him a free agent. The Rangers nabbed him right before training camp to add depth to their forward core, as that was something the team was lacking at the time.

In what would be his final season in the NHL, Flatley stuck it to the Islanders as he carved out a decent season for himself by putting up ten goals and twelve assists in 68 games, including making an appearance in eleven Rangers playoff games that year, while the Islanders had zero, as they finished seventh in the Atlantic Division with a 29-41-12 record. Something tells me this Milbury guy isn’t so great at his job…..


Fedor Fedorov, Left Wing

Time with Rangers – Three games during the 2005-06 season

Sergei’s younger brother was a staple for the Vancouver Canucks farm team, the Manitoba Moose, in the early 2000s. He posted his best season for Manitoba with 39 points in 58 games in 2003-04. After two brief cups of coffee with the Canucks, Vancouver traded Fedorov to the New York Rangers for Jozef Balej and a conditional sixth-round pick.

After spending most of his time with the Hartford Wolf Pack, playing in 38 games, Fedorov only played in three NHL games for the Rangers. Fedorov scorched the earth with his performance. Well, not really. He did not put up a point and tallied only six penalty minutes. It seems to me the Rangers always seem to get the wrong sibling from a hockey family (see Marcel Hossa).

After one season with the Syracuse Crunch after his tenure as a Ranger, Fedorov bolted to Russia and has played there ever since.


  • I love this series and hope it continues. You do an excellent job in bringing up names of Rangers who may have been a regular for only a year and fall into hockey abyss, guys who nobody knew that played for the Rangers or guys that have been looked at as someone who could contribute as a prospect but only had a cup of coffee as a Ranger.

    How do you come up with players you profile? I don’t know how old you are but you have done a very good job of going through different eras of Ranger rosters to find your Lessem Known Rangers. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next trove of Lessen Known Rangers.

    ps. Any Ranger fan growing up on Long Island during the Isles dynasty and years after knew exactly who Pat Flatley was. You did explain his long association with the Isles. I know myself was not happy one bit to see him in a Rangers uniform. To this day I remember him one one thing, hitting Barry Beck in the corner which effectively ended Beck’s career not only as a Ranger but as a NHL’er. What seemed like any other hit Beck had taken in his career destroyed his shoulder. I don’t remember if Beck was injured prior to that game and was playing hurt but Beck was never the same player afterwards. Barry “Bubba” Beck was my 1st Ranger fan favorite and jersey for his huge hits, standing up for teammates and howitzer of a shot. “Shoot the puck Barry” was a nightly shout from the Big Whistle On Rangers telecasts. Man what I would give to have a defenseman like that on this current roster. If anyone is to young to not see Barry Beck just type his name in YouTube and what with amazement in the 9 minute plus video that was posted years ago. For those who never saw a game with wasn’t broadcasted in 1080i HD, this might cause yiur eyes to bleed.

    Can’t wait for the next installment

    • Ok, Mike,
      Here’s a big question- who was the play by play man of that announcing team?
      Wasn’t it Jim Gordon? They were a good team, but I think Sam and JD were the all time best!!
      BTW, I can’t remember, did Sam Rosen ever work with the Big Whistle?

      • I don’t think Chadwick worked with Rosen unless it was for a game or two during the season. If I remember correctly Gordon worked with Espo for maybe a season or two before Sam took over full time. Yes Sam and John Oh Baaaabbbbbbby Davidson was an iconic pairing. Yet Espo was no slouch himself. Espo has a trendies eye for the game and would inform the players where they should be while the play was going on. They had three great color guys that spaned at least 2 generations of not more.

    • Johnluke Chaparro


      Thank you for the kind words and thanks for reading and liking the piece. To compile some of the names, I try to think of anyone who most probably don’t remember. Generally, I tend to remember names that are obscure. Just something I’ve always done. I’ve also done research just in case there were names I may have missed because I know a lot of players come and go. Its a fun piece to write and I’m glad you enjoy it.

  • Hey Mike whenever I think of Barry Beck the first thing I think of is him socking Chris Nylans lights out. When they first squared off Beck backed up and I thought he wasn’t gonna fight. But he was backing up to puck up his sleeves and then stepped in and gave Nylan a real nice beating. Also remember being at the game right at the blue line when he skated over the line and blasted a slap shot in against the Pens. We beat Mario Lemuix and the Pens 8-1that night. And James yes it was Jim Gordon that did the Rangers games before Sam. Sam actually felt bad for Jim when he took over. I’ve been watching the Rangers since I’m a little kid around 5 years old which I have brothers that are 6 and 10 years older so I was taught about all sports and played them at a real young age. This brings back a lot of cool memories

    • For some reason I remember in Thin Ice, A Season In Hell With The New York Rangers that gave a bit of background info about his earlier life. For some reason I remember Barry Beck being convicted of burglary at the of of 15 or something like that. There might have been a reference that the Hell Angels tried recruiting him too. This guy was a beast for that era and unfortunately the way he played every night he could never stay healthy enough to reach his full potential. Beck finished second to only Mike Bossy for rookie of the year. He was a tremendous talent.

      I have so many memories of him that’s hard to pick which one is my favorite. One memory that always brings back memories was during a Rangers-Icelanders game at the Garden. A young Tery Carkner, another idiotic trade, squared off with Calrk Gilles and were about the throw down when Beck came flying in at Gilles. For a split second my father jumped out of his seat thinking these two monsters would go. But Gilles held on to Beck and Beck held Gilles against th boards. I think Sam’s voice reached an octave or two higher describing how Beck and Clarke had respect for the each other not to throw. Clark Gilles was strong as a bear and had no qualms going with anybody as did Barry Beck. But things de-escalated real fast when Beck jumped in. Beck has wats with the biggest and baddest boys in hockey, Dave Brown multiple times, Rick Tocchet multiple times, a young Scott Steven when both benches emptied to form a circle to just get a closer view at the end of the period as they fought. But one guy who absolutely was afraid of Beck but would get under Beck’s skin was Ed Hospodar. Beck would always make a bee line for him wheneve they were on the ice and Hospodar’s eyes would get as wide as the moon. Christ I don’t blame Hospodar, Beck was a monster. Can we just clone him and Beukeboom and insert those two into the roster?

      • Now you’re talking about some great times man. As you can imagine I always hated the Flyers. They were the dirtiest bastards going. They beat us in 74 to go into their first cup by doing a lot of stuff that shoulda been called. Gilbert still talks about it. But anytime we could win a fight against them was a good night. Dave Shultz was the bully on the block and that’s why I was glad when Gillies took care of him. Now don’t get that mistaken for me liking the Isles or anything. Lol I just hated Shultz that much. Yeah I think Nexk already had a problem with that shoulder but Flatly was the guy that ended it for him. As much as I couldn’t stand having to watch the Isles win all those cups I have to admit they were a great team. They could do it all. I just couldn’t believe that one day I’m watching the Nassau Coliseum being built for this new team the Islanders and the next thing I know they’re already winning the cup. Sorry I went off topic there. But yeah it’s pretty cool these articles about these players. Good job guys

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