Pagnotta: Rangers reenter Karlsson sweepstakes

Karlsson v Tavares (Getty Images)

David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, provided his latest updates and thoughts on the Erik Karlsson trade situation. According to his report, he believes that the Karlsson trade could possibly be completed by tomorrow.

The Rangers Back in the Mix?

Per Pagnotta:

The Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders, Colorado Avalanche, New York Rangers and a few other teams have also inquired about Karlsson, with the Islanders and Rangers, at one point, willing to include Ryan in the deal. We had reported earlier in the week that the Rangers were no longer in the hunt – it’s our understanding that they’ve re-entered the mix, and not just as a possible third-team to help eat up some salary.

Is it possible that the Rangers have re-evaluated their situation and now feel that adding Karlsson makes sense to their long term rebuild plans? That remains to be seen, but Pagnotta is a very well connected source in the industry and what he says shouldn’t be taken lightly.



  • PLEASE NO!! If were gonna trade for him lets swap him for Kucherov of Tampa!! We dont need a Redden all over again!! And we wouldnt be able to buy him out if we extend him and couldnt bury his contract anywhere!! Id rather grow our Defense through draft or prospects!! If we do get Karlson and keep him itll be a Redden all over again!! If we havent learned anything from the Wade Redden signing in which this looks to be it all over again!! Id rather be the third wheel than take Karlsson and his ridiculous demands of $11mill a season!! So hell be 29 by the time his new contract starts!! Sorry but Id rather have Kucherov if possible than an overpaid Dman whos got probably the worst injury background of all dmen in the league and thats an ankle injury!! One bad shot or slash and hes done for either a few months or the season and then whod you rely on to take his place?!?! A kid that dont know the system!! Id rather have a kid in the back end learning and playing to be better than a one bad shot block or slash away from being out long term!! HELL NO TO THIS POSSIBLE TRADE!!!! WE DONT NEED HIM!!

    • Agree with you 110%.
      That salary is crazy … that is covering the cost of 4 good kids…. if 2 made it in the nhl we ahead …
      NYR ought to stay the course

  • How I hop that report is nothing but WRONG. PLEASE NO, NO, NO and then NO again.

  • How can you rebuild and have flexible $$ space if you let one player eat up $11 million of your cap, on top of the age and physical limitations Karlsson has due to a handicapping ankle injury, and, AND a guy who will be close to past his prime within 2 years. Can’t hide from injuries. They have an effect, no matter how good your skill set is. DON’T DO THIS DEAL!! We alrady have dmen ready for the scrap heap: Staal, Shattenkirk. Don’t need one more. Stick with the young guys. Pionk and Chytl, maybe Anderson and Names will bloom and surprise us.

  • Please just stop already…. none of you so called “insiders” know anything. Not even the great David Pagnotta. It’s all nonsense, with each post you lose a little bit more of your credibility. Just buy a ticket, and wait rather than create what you hacks would like to see happen. For the record the weather man is a so called insider and considered an expert and guess what they are wrong all the time. Larry Brooks is a so called Rangers insider and other than predicting the Rangers trading McD last year NOTHING he says comes true, isn’t that why the players and Torts comment that all he does is speculate? Lets be realistic, the Rangers want draft picks in return to take on a bad salary, Callahan for all the band wagoners who are speculating his imminent return shouldn’t want to return to the team that traded him at the deadline so that can go on a Stanley cup run off a team like the Lightning that is currently speculated as trying to trade him so they can win a cup. While we all loved Cally and would like to see him back, i’m not sure he is obligated to do the Lightning any favors and go to what is perceived to be a bottom dweller team and if he did it would be closer to home to a team like the Sabers where he was so widely speculated to be signing when he was an impending free agent with the Rangers. I’m more curious what you write tomorrow when Pagnotta is wrong and nothing happens by midnight tonight?

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