Price for Evander Kane is out and the Rangers should pay it now

Evander Kane

Pierre Lebrun stated on Insider Trading what the Buffalo Sabres want for impending unrestricted free agent, Evander Kane. It starts with a 1st round pick, a prospect, and a conditional pick if Kane re-signs with the team.

The Rangers Need Kane

In their last 3 games, the Rangers have mustered only 4 goals. Since Chris Kreider went out with blood clots on December 27th, against Washington, they have scored only 9 goals in 6 games. That’s only averaging 1.5 goals per game over that time period, a paltry number that forces Henrik Lundqvist to be near perfect every night.

To make matter worse, in the last 6 games since CK20 went down, the Rangers leading goal scorer is Mika Zibanejad with just 2. Sadly, no other top 6 forward has a goal during that stretch (Vesey, Lettieri, Desharnais, Miller, Grabner, Carey, Holden).

Rick Nash has not scored in 10 games, and has zero points to boot. Mats Zuccarello has 0 goals in his last 8, but at least has 4 assists. Kevin Hayes also hasn’t scored in 7 games with just 1 assist in that time period. Does anyone not see this as a major problem? Because it is a big one.

Evander Kane has cooled off but would be a great fit

The hulking LW, has only scored 2 times in his last 8 games, but has 16 goals on the year. In 42 games, his 35 points would make him the Rangers leading scorer. What is most intriguing is that his 16 goals represent 17% of the Sabres goals and his 35 points are 14% of all Buffalo’s points. To contrast those numbers, Grabner’s 18 goals for the Rangers represents 14% of all their goals. The disparity is bigger on points where Zuccarello’s 31 points represents 9% of all total points for the Blueshirts.

What does that mean? Simply put, the Rangers are a better offensive team and Kane would likely score even more on Broadway.

Immediately he should be put on a line with Mika Zibanejad and the two of them should light the lamp often. Add Zuccarello on the right side and the Rangers have a legit top line. Rick Nash could help Kevin Hayes find his game on the 2nd line with maybe Pavel Buchnevich rounding the group out. The Rangers need offense and they need it now. Especially with the uncertainty surrounding Chris Kreider’s longterm health.

Is Kane Worth the Asking Price?

If you believe Henrik Lundqvist can win a Stanley Cup in NY, the answer is a resounding yes. That is of course if the prospect is not Filip Chytil or Lias Andersson. Rumor has it the Sabres have been looking for a young defenseman and the Rangers have several worthy prospects. If a 1st rounder, along with one of either DeAngelo, Pionk, or Day gets it done you pull the trigger.

As for re-signing Kane, Nash’s grotesque 7.8M comes off the books this summer which should be given to Kane. Evander is going to be 27 and entering his prime. He is a power forward with speed and an elite shot. On the right team, in the right locker room, he could unlock his full potential.

Should he and Mika find chemistry, a future where he is cracking 40 goals annually is not too far fetched. The Rangers have taken dumber risks, and this one comes with a legitimate high reward.

If you believe the Rangers need a game changer, Evander would be just that. Get it done.


  • Isn’t there someone older we can trade a 1st rounder for?

  • No more 1st round picks for pending unrestricted free agents. If he wants and I repeat WANTS to play for the Rangers, we can sign him as a free agent. We NEED our 1st round picks! How many times did Glen Sather give away #1’s and for what? Besides, Evander Kane is a head case, no matter what his talent level is!

    • While I dont agree with Kane a player to waste a first round pick on, for this team as stated below. As a former first overall, Rick Dipietro says Picks and Prospects are the currency of hope. You hope you made the right pick and they pan out. Its funny that he says that, knowing Hank was drafted 200 picks later.

      You state how Slats gave up 4 first round picks in a row, Id rather that happen then have a Jessiman, Sanguinetti, Mcilrath, of 1 and done MDZ. Nash, MSL, Yandle were all each more valuable than all 4 of those picks.

      Our most talented forward draft pick in years was 3rd round pick who we passed on, earlier in the round. Based on today, Skjei should not have been selected after several dmen taken before him. Neither should Kreider. So maybe Miller, who as Mike O points out has 1 goal in 40 playoff games.

  • 27 isn’t old. It’s not 22 but it’s not old either. I know I’ve seen a lot of fans say he’s a head case or would be trouble but the guy can score goals and would definitely be the only guy we could count on in a fight or even just for some good hard hitting and overall toughness. I just know they’re not good enough now and hope they do something if they really wanna win with Hank and the core guys we have now. But it would have to depend on who were giving up. Though I keep hearing how we have no great prospects other then Chytil and may e Andersson so how bad of a trade could it be then. We have plenty of D prospects

  • I say stay away, regardless of what hes done this season, unless your upgrading your top 2 center. This team is weak down the middle, thats what wins in playoffs. Where does Zibanejad rank on cup winning centers, not the one spot? What about DD who IMO has been better than Hayes?

    Washington has strong wings, where do they go in the playoffs? Just going out and getting a wing, to get stronger there without getting a center is a waste of assets.

    Id rather keep the first, miss the playoffs, to have a dollar and a dream for Dahlin.

  • He’s a good player but also is injury prone. He is a true power forward which we need. He might be worth the gamble.

  • I can’t argue with that Kris. On one hand I could say when you get a chance to get a player that could help you for years you get him. But I definitely agree we need a center or two more then we need a winger. I’m surprised to see someone else . say something good about DD. I’ve seen so many fans complain about him yet I think he’s done just what we got him for and maybe more. I also think he has been better then Hayes. This is a year we really needed Hayes to step it up I think. After losing Stepan we needed a few things to go right for us at center position. We needed Hayes n Zibanejad to both kick it up a notch and DD to come in and play good not great. I think they accomplished 2 of the 3 things . I’m wondering is Hayes is one of those players that goes good one year and bad the next. He had a good rookie season but then followed it with a poor to mediocre season. Then he had a much better season and is following that with this year. So far this year it looks like it’s one of the poor seasons. I know I’ve said it many times before but I really can’t wait to see what they do with the FA contracts. There’s plenty of them this year too

  • Hayes has been a legit shutdown center. In fact, Quenville’s only hope was to get his studs away from Hayes, which worked. Hayes hasn’t been offensively threatening at this point but he has done his job which was to keep the puck away from the other team’s good guys.

    • Well he can’t be keeping the puck away that much cause the rangers are the second worst puck possession team in the league. He holds the puck yes but he also holds it so long and doesn’t shoot it either when he’s got the chance. He’s screwed up more odd man rushes then anyone I’ve ever seen. He pulls guys offsides half the time with him carrying the puck and holding up at the line. He’s gotta do better then that I think to be a 2nd line center

    • Legit shutdown center? What? Quinville kept his best players away? What are you talking about? You do realize Hayes was a -2 in that Blackhawk game.

      If he is such a true shutdown center than why is he tied with his line mates Zuc and Nash for being in the ice for 34 goals scored upon which is good for forwards? Can we stop with incessant nonsense of Hayes being defensive stalwart. He’s had his time here, time to rid ourselves of this TRUELY dud of a player.

  • I say try to Package Hayes with Holden and someone else for a true center. If Chytil and Andersson don’t turn out to be anything we’re most likely gonna be in the same position we are now. I just wonder if any of the fans that wanted Stepan traded ever think twice about it now. Sometimes you don’t know why ya got till it’s gone. I always thought it was a bad trade and still do. Little by little were losing the team that went to the final

  • We don’t have steady two lines that scares other teams. AV doesn’t have patience with his players, juggling the lines often. Why he broke Kreiderzibi and buch line …was the best consistent line we had even in October … we out to have at least 2 lines intact all the time. Yes occasionally the line will be flat but knowing theyou staying together is confidenc building …always works. TBL is prime example so Boston and Pittsburgh … string powerful lines wins games. We have good young players that can gell better staying together.
    Answer:AV goes f5a real emotional coach…Roy type

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