Rangers one of multiple teams in Karlsson trade talks

Erik Karlsson (Photo: Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images)

The soap opera that is now the Erik Karlsson trade saga, continues into the weekend. That is despite a rumored report that a deal was done and pending a trade call earlier this week.

Ongoing Drama

The multiple teams as we know it so far appear to be Tampa Bay, Dallas, Vegas, New York and New Jersey. The first three are trying to land Karlsson, the latter two are third wheels to offload salary in order to facilitate the deal under the cap.

It should be noted that, Tampa isn’t forced to make a move until an extension with Karlsson is signed.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

For more on how the Rangers could play a role, please read here.


  • If Tampa is really in on Karlsson, then the Rangers have to be in the drivers seat here as we have their 2019 1st rounder hostage and we also have the cap space.

    Tampa cant trade their first or second rounder in 2019, because they traded the second to the rangers with conditions to make it a first, and they also traded some decent prospects, and they also dont have the cap room to make it work.

    Tampa has the roster players but not the prospects or picks – Cal Foote and Raddysh are pretty much what they have to offer.

    I am assuming NYR being part of the deal is sending the conditional 2019 pick back to Tampa so it can be traded to Ottawa plus a prospect or two. In return NYR take on both Bobby Ryan and Ryan Callahans salaries for two years and either buyout, bury or relegate to the 4th line. If this is the reason NYR are involved, I am curious to see what the boon would be coming back (Point or Sergachev would be a good start).

    If it does happen, I could see something like:
    Karlsson and maybe Spooner to Tampa
    Sergachev – Tampa’s 2019 1st and 2nd, and Tampa’s 2020 1st to Ottawa
    Point – Callahan- Ryan to the NYR

    Tampa’s salary structure is top heavy and they are built to win now, I think they have a 1 (maybe 2) year window with the salaries already on board, Kucherovs upcoming contract(8-10 million), and adding Karlsson (10 million) before they have to make serious changes.

    • Brayden Point would just add to the log jam at center for the Rangers which already includes Zibanejad, Namestnikov, Hayes, Chytil, Andersson, Howden, Nieves, and Littieri.

      The Rangers would be nuts taking Callahan’s and Ryan’s combined 13 mil in cap space AND give up a possible #1. Tampa NEEDS a third team, we can’t just be patsies in this trade. The Rangers or whoever is the third team has all the leverage. They shouldn’t bend over just so Tampa can get stronger.

      • The salary cap of Ryan and Callahan shouldn’t be an issue, we have a ton of cap and won’t be competitive so as fans why would th finances of it even matter for the next two years? And It not a first it’s a 2nd and there is a 30 out of 31 chance it stays that way. If the pick is a first it can only be #31, not necessarily a high pick. I would trade the #31 for a 22 year old that scored 30/60 last season in a heart beat. Callahan and Ryan are fodder, and can be buried if needed, who really cares about for the next two years unless there is some illusion that we will be a contender. Point is a # 1 C and an upgrade to Zibanejad, who can slot to 2C where he belongs. As far as the logjam, I take the talented player at and position any day of the week. And worry about the log jam at C later. Guys can be moved or traded.

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