Rangers Prospect Kravtsov Signs In Russia

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Rangers first-round pick Vitali Kravtsov has signed a one-year contract with HC Traktor of the KHL.

There had been questions about whether or not the 18-year-old forward would remain in North America at the start of the 2018-19 season, allowing him to get used to the professional game stateside. But the reigning KHL rookie of the year will head back home to continue his development. For a kid who will be playing against men every time he takes the ice, he will gain plenty of experience while in Russia. He will be able to continue to hone his craft with HC Traktor as the Rangers rebuild is in full swing.


  • Rod Giacoleetch

    And thats a good thing

  • Lol. Here we go. Like I said. This is why I hate taking these Russian kids. He will either get injured or not want to leave mother russia or will want to run right back there at the first sign of difficulty when he finally gets here. These kids arnt worth the headache….draft North American and get NHL ers.

    • I don’t think it’s an issue that he signed to play in the KHL this year. The likelihood of him making the Rangers this year was minimal at best. What’s the difference if he plays in the KHL or if he had to go back to his junior team?

      The problem would be if he signed for an extended period of time to play there. At some point the Rangers need to bring in Shestyorkin (22) and Rykov (21) and get them acclimated to NHL style rinks. You hope all three come to North America after their season in Feb. Who knows at minimum they finish the year out in Hartford and are ready for camp at the start of next season.

      • I think you nailed it on the head. The KHL regular season ends in late February. After the playoffs, assuming his team makes them, he could be in Hartford by spring and finish up the season there. I would rather have seen him play all season in Hartford but I’m sure there is a plan.

  • Id rather see them play the 10 games in NHL and see what kind of chemistry they do with the team and if its good keep all 3 and scratch Staal or Smith and whomever our backup is!! Lets see what these kids can do on an NHL team as opposed to Russia!!

    • They can’t play players under contract in another league unless they buy them out. The Russians have notoriously been hard to deal with when it comes to buying out their homegrown talent.

  • I hope that they have defribulators now on the bench. We don’t have much luck with Russian talent, not since Zubov.

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