Rangers reaffirmed as a destination for Ilya Kovalchuk

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Ilya Kovalchuk is coming back and he’s meeting with teams right now. As far as 8 teams have been linked or confirmed as interested in the 35 year old’s services.

The Latest

Darren Dregger mentioned that the Rangers are among the teams interested in Kovalchuk.

Per FRS Hockey:

“I’m going to give you a list of teams that I believe are interested in Ilya Kovalchuk,” noted Dreger during a Tuesday morning radio hit on Monteal’s TSN 690. “And I’m going to qualify that level of interest. Detroit, as I tweeted earlier today, definitely made a push. The St. Louis Blues have interest, Anaheim, Dallas, the New York Islanders. I’d put that group as potential dark horse teams.”

“And then beyond that, probably more solid contenders include the likes of San Jose and Los Angeles, and I’d put the Boston Bruins in that group and maybe the New York Rangers as well. So there’s a total of nine teams.”

Winning A Cup and Being Close To Home

Ilya Kovalchuk has repeated his return to the NHL is to win a Cup. However, Craig Custance wrote in the Athletic that Ilya maintains a home in New York. So could the Rangers convince him they’re committed to winning a Championship in the next 2-3 years, thus giving them an advantage due to familiarity and comfort?

That’s a big if, but a possibility that remains until he signs on the dotted line with an NHL team on July 1st.



  • OH, JOY!!!
    Just what we need- – -NOT!!!

  • So from Toronto word is Kovy is still linked with the Rangers. Out of Edmonton is the Oilers and Rangers are talking Milan Lucic and draft movement of other players with the other Oilers included in deal could be Zack Kassian

  • Unless edmonton eats 50% of Lucics’ contract I dont want him!! Theres no way were taking on his contract without them giving us a bigger piece of the pie with Kassian and maybe a 2nd round pick!! Our 28th pick Staal and a prospect for 2nd pick,Lucic and Kassian!! Thats the only way Im taking on Lucic and his insane contract!!

  • We take 2 of our 2nd picks and Hayes/Zib and trade for Tavares’ rights!!

  • I know when I’m rebuilding a team the first guy I want is a 35 year old who hasn’t played in the NHL in a long time and has had troubles while he was here before he walked out on his team. That’s the guy I want.

  • People WAKE UP!!!!!! The Rangers are nowhere near winning a Cup in 2-3 years. Let’s get real already. Anyone who complained about AV playing veterans over younger players and no want Kovalchuk are nothing but hypocrites.

    Kovy is a malcontent who is money hungry and has ZERO desire to win a Cup. If he actually wanted to win before retiring again from the NHL the New York Rangers wouldn’t be near the top of his list. You can’t go from having a press conference in Feb telling fans there will be a rebuild to trading your captain and best defenseman to now being 2-3 years away from winning the Cup. Please explain that jump, because it’s not realistic.

  • James (Jay) Ilardo

    Unfortunately the closer we get to serious trade possibilities, the more it looks like the idea of rebuilding the team is getting closer and closer to more of the “same old, same old”!!
    As usual, (SURPRISE) PROFITS are beginning to dominate the thinking of the “suits” that make the decisions. The thought of facing 2 or 3 seasons of not making the playoffs (therefore limiting the number of games which directly affects sales of tickets, which of course lowers profits) while building a solid team is just an anathema to the big boys who see the possibility of the gravy train slowing down!
    SO, with that being said, the chances of “quick fixes” and “patchwork ideas”, which will keep their incomes at their obscene level suddenly become paramount, and will kill any idea of sensible rebuilding.

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