Rangers Sign Cody McLeod

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The Rangers just announced that they have signed free agent Cody McLeod to a one-year deal.

McLeod finished out last season with the Blueshirts, finishing off his season on Broadway after being claimed on waivers back in January. For a team that is rebuilding, this signing does not make a whole lot of sense. I understand having an “enforcer” to protect the young guns that are expected to be on the Rangers roster next season, but they had a guy in Matt Beleskey already in the organization. We’ll see how new head coach David Quinn uses McLeod, but I can’t imagine he has the skating ability or skill necessary to keep up with all of the guys around him come October.


  • Blame AV!!!! Oh………… wait……

    • You beat me to it Mike. Lol. I can’t wait to see what fans say when we see other things done the same way AV would have done it. But I’m sure they’ll be good reason for it as long as it’s coming from this coach and not AV. Just wait till we see guys benched or moved down a line or two

  • Every time I think this team is getting it right they turn around and do something stupid!

  • Rangers signed McLeod out of desperation. because they have no one else to be an enforcer after they couldn’t sign Reeves or any other better choices. It’s just one year so it’s not so bad. Don’t see that the $ have been announced but I suspect it ain’t much.

    The writer doesn’t seem to understand what Matt Beleskey is. He plays with a bit of an edge but is a far cry from being an enforcer.

    • I agree Orland, Matt Beleskey isn’t even close to being THE guy to rely on to police the ice. He’s just a big forward who plays a physical game who drops the gloves rarely.

      It’s funny how this team goes from one extreme to another. With Tom Reney they were endocrined to always turn the other cheek, with Torts they had up to 5 players who would love to best you upside the head and with AV they had one at most.

  • Steve Robillard

    I would love to see Matt Belesky get a chance to play again. They already deemed this season as a wash, so why not just play your bad signings to death (the list includes Staal, Smith, Belesky, Shatty and now Mcloed). Show case them to trade them at the deadline for picks. If they wind up last then the season isn’t a wash and they still put some washed up veterans on the ice to keep the product on the ice still entertaining.

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