Rangers Terminate Contract of Zborovskiy


Greenville Swamp Rabbits

According to Chris Johnston of Sportsnet, the Rangers are terminating the contract of minor-league defenseman Sergey Zborovskiy.

Zborovskiy never got more than a ten-game “cup of coffee” with the Wolf Pack, spending most of last season with the ECHL’s Greenville Swamp Rabbits. While in South Carolina, the 21-year-old had 17 points (5G, 12A) in 47 games, and wasn’t able to contribute anything offensively with Hartford.


  • Another draft pick from 2015 who’s a flop. WOW talk about bad drafting. There isn’t anything to show for the 2015 draft. With this teams draft history I’m a little worried even though we have all those picks. Not sure what it is but something is wrong. I look at other teams and how they have drafted and we suck in comparison to them. Sure hope we don’t screw this years drat up like 2015!

  • That’s not a problem at all, as the Rangers have a MULTITUDE of young D-men in their pipeline now WAITING for spots to open at MSG for the Rangers, but they also own the NHL Rights to 2 other Russian D-men — Yegor Rykov (who they got from NJ in the Grabner deal) and Alexei Bereglazov from Mettalurg Magnitogorsk who may come over from Russia after this season. There is now a LOGJAM of young Defensemen and if they deemed that Sergey Zborovskiy was expendable, then good riddance. And he was a 3rd Round #79 Overall draft pick, so he wasn’t highly rated or anything. So, NO BIG DEAL.

    • Multitude of OTHER teams draft choices. It is MAJOR problem that Rangers can’t draft. Name the last all star forward they drafted? How about all star dman that they drafted?

      The last forward that was drafted by the Rangers that made the all star team was Mike York back in 2001-02. The one previous to that was Darren Turcotte all
      the way back in 1990-91! That’s not even embarrassing that’s an indictment.

      The last dman was Marc Staal in 2010-11. Dan Girardi made one appearance but he was a free agent signing. The next one you have to go all the way to Brian Leetch. Since 1988-89 6 Ranger draft picks have been selected as all stars…… Brian Leetch, Mike Richter, Darren Turcotte, Mike York, Marc Staal and Henrick Lundqvist. To say drafting isn’t a problem, you are right…….. it’s a catastrophe! This makes the New York Jets look competent at drafting.

    • Johnny you are 100% correct. Just last year the Rangers past on two players, one twice that are now the top prospects in the NHL. They have a history of who they passed on who became all time greats over who became never were type players.

      This is one area I cannot get why they are horrific. This is one area this franchise can throw money at to get the best in the business. Whoever they have now, how do they still have jobs with their lack of success. Look throughout their history at guys they drafted over Hall of Fame players. People want to give Jeff Gorton a pass but he has been around this organization from scouting to player personnel for almost a decade. BOTH being huge problems. The Rangers are the New York Jets of hockey.

  • Steve Robillard

    Ranger scouts suck, but it doesn’t help when they draft usually late second round all the time. All the juice has been squeezed out of the lemon by then. Last year I had to buy a new TV because I thought that the Rangers made the big trade to move up to 7th to grab Midlestadt but they decided on the safe picks. Enough with the safe picks. Go for the best players available and decide what to do after. They have more value than a Lias Andersen or a Chytil. I hope that they don’t blow this draft

    • If they blow this draft Steve it’s going to be years before they recover. The last draft I was this excited about the was way back in 1999. I had jus started paying attention to junior hockey and reading the hockey news draft issue hoping the Rangers would draft certain players. The morning of the draft Rangers fans were excited that Big Deal Neil Smith struck again and traded for the 4th overall pick. Fans couldn’t believe when he went out and drafted Pavel Brendl whobwas lighting up the WHL with th Calgary Hitmen and then used the 9th overall which they got when he dealt Marc Savard away to draft Jamie Lundmark who everyone was saying was the ultimate leader of that draft. To secure a sniper and a leader that drew comparisons to Messier and one who the Isles were desperately trying to trade up to draft the Rangers were going to be set for decades.

      Well as we all have come to know, Pavel Brendl had zero work ethic and was traded away as part of the Eric Lindros deal and Jamie Lundmark just couldn’t produce at the NHL. The Rangers instead floundered into becoming an embarrassment during most of the 2000’s leading to Neil Smith being fired and replaced by Glen Sathwr who made more horrendous draft choices and becoming a vocal target for Ranger fans as both a coach and GM. Sometimes even when the Rangers actually did it right it back fired. This draft reminds me a lot of that 1999 draft with the Rangers being rumored rightly or wrongly of trying to move up into the top 5. But you are 100% spot on when you say they cannot blow this draft. It will set them back too far to recover just like that 1999 draft.

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