Report: Rangers Open To Trading A First-Round Pick

Ron Antonelli

According to a report from Craig Custance in The Athletic, Rangers General Manager Jeff Gorton has said that he is willing to trade a first-round pick in the upcoming NHL draft.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, with the Rangers looking to rebuild as quickly as possible. The Blueshirts currently have three picks in the opening round of the draft, with two of those picks coming in the later portion of the round. The question becomes which pick to move. The Rangers can trade their own pick for a second-line player, but then they will be giving up their best chance of getting one of the top talents in the draft. If they trade one of the later picks acquired from the Bruins and Lightning, the return might not be as good, but they won’t be mortgaging away a potential top talent.

The Athletic

Time will tell what Jeff Gorton and Rangers management decide on doing, but don’t be shocked if the team only ends up with two first-round picks come June 22.


  • Yup. Let’s get some old dudes in here so we can misuse them but let them go on to be stars elsewhere.

  • First the 1st time in a very long time it’s actually exciting going into the offseason and draft. The Rangers have plenty of options at their disposal. There are so many different scenarios that can play out. It’s a shame that the draft is still months away. But the speculation and anticipation will grow each day like a kid during Christmas time.

    • Mike, I think this is the first time we agree completely lol

    • I haven’t looked this forward to the draft in many years. I’m hoping we can move up into the top 5 to maybe get a top,line goal scorer. I want to see us get an elite player for a change. It’s gonna get very exciting as we get closer to the big day

    • Come on Mike you can can tell me what’s going on. You’re excited like most of us are but you’re also scared they’re gonna botch the draft picks. Lol. I’m making a joke about it but yet I am serious too. Let’s face it we had a pick in the top 10 last year and passed on some goal scorers and “went off the board with a nice player” in Lias Andersson. They can’t go off the board this year. It having said that I am a little more confident they will do the right thing because this year it’s known that it’s a rebuild and they’re not just beating around the bush. That’s also not to put down Andersson cause he may turn out to be fine. It’s just that he’s not projected to be a top 6 forward. All we can go by is what they’re projected to be for the most part. I do like hearing them talk about character and physical play cause we’ve lacked that for a while now. Anyway I’m very excited myself but still a little worried of what they’ll do

      • Of course part of me fears the three picks will be busts like Hugh Jessiman, Bobby Sanguinetti and Dylan Mcilrath. But the allure of having 3 picks in the 1st round is exciting. Plus those picks do open the door to multiple possibilities from trading up or for a NHL young star.

        Minutes after the 1st pick could have the same let down as opening a pair of tube socks as your 1st gift at Christmas time.

        History like not being able to sign a 15 yr old Gordie Howe, to drafting Steve Durbano over Larry Robinson in 71, drafting Dave Maloney over Brian Trottier in ‘74, Wayne Dillon over Denis Maruck or Doug Jarvis in 75, Lucien Deblois and Ron Duguay over Mike Bossy in ‘77, Doug Sullivan over Michel Goulet & Ed Hospodar over Dave Christian, Dale Hunter, Neil Broten and Mark Messier in ‘79, James Patrick over Al MacInnis &Jan Erixon over Chris Chelios in ‘81, Chris Kontos over Dave Andreychuk in ‘82, Jay Moore over Joe Sakic in and Daniel Lacroix over John LeClair in ‘87, Michael Stewart over Keith Tkachuk and Martin Broduer in ‘90, Lee Felardeau over Duncan Keith in 02, Hugh Jessiman over Brent Seabrook, Zach Parise, Ryan Getzlaf, Brent Burns, Ryan Kessler and Corey Perry in ‘03. Bobby Sanguinetti over Claude Giroux in ‘06. Michael Del Zotto over John Carlson in ‘08, Foreverblueshirts Hall of Famer Dylan Mcilrath over Vladimir Tarasenko, Evgeny Kuznetsov in ‘10. As Joe Beningo says “Ooooooh the pain!”

        There is more of a small portion that is afraid however it’s still exciting to have 3 picks. Even if history isn’t on our side.

        • Wait. So you’re saying you don’t think Dougay was as good as Bossy? Lol. Just think if we picked Getzlaf or Perry that coulda made the difference against LA. We could have at least had one of our own big forwards up front. Perry has done a lot of damage in his career just planting himself in front of the crease. Btw what did Larry Robinson ever do? It’s not like the guy had some real long career on winning cups. Oh wait he’s he did. Yeah we better get a new bike this Christmas for a change. I’m tired of the tube socks every year too

  • I don’t think they’ll make the trade straight up. Its just an open invitation, stating they’re open for business. they have a lot of options. May be they’ll trade all three 1st rounders for a top 3 pick. They have many options, including their 2nd rounders. Its going to be a very exciting time. Hopefully without AV.

  • Tonybp – well said and totally agree on AV – HAS TO GO

  • I just hope they get the best player in the draft I hope they can trade up, I’m not sure about Grodon I’m not crazy of Sathers choices giving away draft picks.

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