Ryan Sproul Recalled from Hartford

Ryan Sproul

In a surprise turn of events, the Rangers have recalled Ryan Sproul from the Hartford Wolfpack.

Sproul was called up because Steven Kampfer will be out 4-6 weeks with a fractured hand. While the injuries to the Rangers are not ideal, it does give the Rangers organization a chance to take a hard look at their prospects. And hey, currently the Rangers are 2-0 during the youth movement. Maybe, just maybe, they will surprise us all and make a playoff push.

Sproul has enjoyed a solid season in Hartford where he has put up 18 points (9G, 9A) in 36 games for a playoff contending Wolfpack. In addition, Sproul played 5 games for the Grand Rapids Griffins, the AHL affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings, where he put up 4 points (1G, 3A).

Kampfer, while not the most flashy or talented defenseman on the Rangers roster, was enjoying regular ice time after all of the injuries to the Rangers defensemen. In 22 games for the Rangers, Kampfer put up 1 point (0G, 1A) while bouncing around the Rangers defensive lineup.

It will be quite interesting to see how the Rangers deploy all of the call ups. Currently, the Rangers defense consists of Brady Skjei, Nick Holden, Anthony Deangelo, Neal Pionk, John Gilmour, and now Ryan Sproul. Based on previous usage, and statistics, Nick Holden will likely slot next to Brady Skjei on the top pair. However, if the Rangers want to balance lefties and righties the pairs could look like this: Brady Skjei and Anthony Deangelo, Holden and Pionk, and finally Gilmour and Sproul. Whatever way the Rangers go, it will be nice to see the youth play big minutes.


  • Is Ryan Graves ever going to be Called up and given a shot.
    Or is this another instance of AV’s aversion to youth.

    • Or maybe he isn’t good enough!!!! God the blame AV is getting maddening

    • This could just be something as simple as lefty/righty defense pairs. Right handed player goes down, right handed player comes up. Interesting that Smith who can play both sides is still stuck down there, now that should be a real slap in the face, if sending down wasnt a hard enough slap to begin with.

  • Why would you want a playoff push? If you want to rebuild and get as many assets as possible to hopefully change the course for years to come then the playoffs are the last thing you want. Making the playoffs would be a set back since the 1st rounders that would be coming over would be near the bottom of the draft also. If you want any shot at “winning the lottery” then making the playoffs makes no sense. Making the 1st round just to be blitzed by the Lightning does nothing for the future.

    • Mike I just want to know why AV doesn’t want Graves to come up. Is it cause he hates kids still? We all know he hates Buch cause he benched him that one game. I heard AV called Hartford to tell them don’t send me any kids cause I hate them all. Whatta are we gonna do Mike. We have a coach that doesn’t like fighting or any physical play. He doesn’t know how to evaluate talent. He’s clueless and a clown. He hates kids. Well at least we got leadership on this team in guys like Hayes n JT. Let’s not forget how he was totally responsible for blowing the Ottawa series when he insisted on playing Holden n Staal for all of the goals against us while try to protect a lead. We got some funny fans man.

      • And these were the same fans who wanted Jaromir Jagr signed. The same Jagr who won his 1st Stanley Cup before some of the same fans were born. Also wasn’t there a large contigent of the AV hates kids who wanted Patrick Marleau or Joe Thornton? Can’t make it up.

        • That’s just it you really can’t make it up. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone say the team just needs a complete over haul with a new coach n everything. But when I see fans calling him clueless it’s just stupid talk. I also hear a lot of fans say AV is stubborn and continues to play certain guys on D yet I never hear who they think should be playing D instead. They all stink this year other then Skjei n even he’s made some terrible plays but it happens. Tonight they turned the puck over 4 times in their end in a matter of 4 minutes and gave up 3 goals. Now AV was yelling at them so fans can’t say he only chews his gum. But instead they’ll say the team doesn’t listen to him. They’ll always have something to say

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