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The latest status on Alain Vigneault’s future with the Rangers

Alain Vigneault at practice (BlueshirtsUnited)

As the Rangers head into action against St. Louis tonight, the status of Alain Vigneault’s coaching future in NY remains unclear. Both Glen Sather and Jeff Gorton have refused to comment on AV beyond this season. However, the likelihood of him remaining are very slim, but still possible. Read more

The Rangers Should Make A Strong Push For The Playoffs

Jim McIsaac

The Rangers announced that they were in full rebuild mode a few weeks ago, indicating that the team would be content with however the season came to an end. But since the midseason firesale came to an end at the trade deadline, the Rangers have gone on a three-game winning streak, and are currently just five points outside of the playoffs. Before I make my argument let me say I do not expect the Rangers to make it to the postseason. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t put in the effort to try and make it to spring hockey.

Read more

Gorton has all the chips in place to build a future dynasty

The  New York Rangers General Manager has a vision for the team’s future. That vision includes youth, speed and most importantly talent. The deals made at the trade deadline have the Rangers poised to take the long route to rebuilding. However there is a way for them the expedite the process. Read more

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