Tampa and now Boston considered front runners for McDonagh

The rumor mill is churning. As each day passes expect it to go faster and faster until you are dizzy from trade rumors involving the Blueshirts. Here’s the latest.

McDonagh Suitors

Tampa Bay was the team first connected to trading for Ryan McDonagh with Tyler Johnson being the centerpiece coming back. Over the last few days, Johnson’s name has died down and thankfully so.

This evening, Larry Brooks mentioned young Tampa defenseman, Mikhail Sergachev. The kid is 6’3″ and has 29 points in 52 games. If both he and Tyler Johnson were part of a larger package, now my interest is peaked.

If the Blueshirts have their sights set on 19-year-old rookie defenseman Mikhail Sergachev, then that’s the price. If they are homed in on top-flight prospects Boris Katchouk, Taylor Raddysh or Cal Foote, then general manager Jeff Gorton should stick to his guns and force Yzerman to pay the way the Hall of Famer — who takes full advantage of running a team in a no-tax state — forced the Rangers to pay four years ago. – Larry Brooks, NYPOST

Tonight you can enter the Boston Bruins as per Elliotte Friedman into the mix. At the 4 minute mark of the video below he mentions that the Bruins may have the want and the pieces to get McDonagh. Here’s the problem, who are they willing to give up? Personally, if David Pastrnak isn’t coming back (and he isn’t) I wouldn’t be interested. But the more suitors the better.

Nash Open to Canadian Teams

Rick Nash told Larry Brooks that he has Canadian teams on his list. It is safe to assume that means Toronto and Winnipeg since they are in the playoffs. Remember, back in 2016 he had none.

“I included the teams that I think have the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup and are also places I think would be good for my family,” the 33-year-old father of two young children said. “And, yes, that does include teams in Canada. I’m not excluding that as a possibility.” – Larry Brooks, NYPOST

The rumor mill has Nashville, Dallas, and St. Louis as top landing spots but I think SJ is a dark horse in all of this too.

Another interesting tidbit from the article is that Nash is fairly convinced that the Rangers are moving on from him. According to Brooks he said, “If I’m not wanted here” several times, which seems to negate speculation that the Rangers would look to bring him back over the summer.


  • These teams are so close to a Cup and their fans don’t want to pay up. Hate to break it to Lightning or Bruins fans but their 1st rounders will be low. You aren’t likely to find a franchise talent that low. Better come armed with the prospects.

    • The 1st round picks will be near the middle at best that you will get back for Nash and company. However there isn’t a team who will be in the draft lottery that will give up a possible lottery pick for a Rick Nash rental. What’s the purpose? And those teams aren’t on his list of teams anyway.

      Try to get as many 1st rounders as you can which gives you multiple options as you get closer to the draft. You could use the extra 1’s to try and move up in the draft with a team that’s looking to move down to collect additional picks. You could also use those picks plus assets to try and get a high prospect from another team or you just take those picks and add to the barren prospect cupboard. Either way the options give the Rangers multiple chances to improve.

  • All players on the Rangers should be on the market now.See what you can get if you open up and make a bigger trade.

    • Totally agree. Why not see if you can get as many picks as possible. Other than Skjei I would see what I can get for everyone that has any trade value.

      There is still a part of me that doesn’t see the Rangers fully embracing a total rebuild. I bet you the longer they stay close to the playoffs the more likely they will not make the necessary moves to improve this team long term.

  • I would do whatever it takes to get Tanner Glass back. Even though I’m joking of course I was down on him like most fans were. He always played hard and while he wasn’t the most highly skilled player he served a purpose too. I still don’t hunk we’re gonna see as many guys go as fans may think. I do think Mac is a must on the list of guys to go though. I’m sorry but I really Hank we’ll regret it if we don’t trade him. It’s just a matter of what we get back.

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