The only thing that can wreck this rebuild are injuries and Vigneault

A dejected McDonagh (NYR TV)

Ryan McDonagh is out tonight, and that’s a good thing. AV announced that McDonagh is dealing with an upper body injury since SJ and will likely not make the trip. That takes one huge piece needed to rebuild and puts him safely in street clothes.

The one thing that can really derail a rebuild is a serious injury to players like Nash, Zuccarello, and Grabner. These are big trading pieces heading to the trade deadline. Of course, you never want to see any player get hurt (ever), but the Rangers future is in a precarious position.

If Rick Nash were to go down with a such an injury, the Rangers would be losing a major asset to obtain a 1st round pick in this year’s draft. Let’s face it, once that passes he’s a UFA and can be had for free.

Dangerous times indeed.

Delusional AV

Another problem that is connected to the potential for injuries is the head coach. Vigneault just said this prior to tonight’s game:

“I will tell you what I told my GM and President and Owner, I am going to try and win every game and that is what we have to do as a group. I believe that we are a goaltender being a roll to being back in the hunt, back into the playoffs.”

After the President and GM raised the white flag of surrender on the year, this is the last thing I want to hear. And no…this isn’t lip service from a dead man walking, this is what he believes.

Instead of minimizing minutes for the players mentioned above, I bet he rides Rick Nash into the ground. The problem with that is when players have almost nothing to play for, they tend to let their mind wander and become more prone to injury.

For everyone’s sake, let’s keep our fingers crossed that no one gets hurt.

Were the Rangers Informed Weeks Ago About the Rebuild?

AV also revealed this little tidbit in the presser:

“There is no doubt that when this story broke a couple of weeks ago that the mindset in the dressing room has been a little challenging, with what happened yesterday might be a little challenging but it’s our job as coaches to keep our guys focused on the process and hockey and that is what we are going to do.”

What story? The rebuild wasn’t officially announced until yesterday, and the unofficial signal came on Monday, when Nash’s list was requested. So did AV just let the cat out of the bag? Did Jeff Gorton and Glen Sather tell the locker room that they were going to rebuild? If so, it could explain why the Rangers have been playing so horribly lately.


  • I wouldn’t expect any coach that’s trying to hang on to his job for dear life to start taking minutes away from guys like Nash. Yeah we don’t want him hurt and maybe if AV was safe in his job then he thinks about the rebuild and what guys are gonna be traded and who we don’t want hurt. But especially with this fan base and every other writer blaming every lose on him already he’s not gonna throw in the towel. I don’t what coach would say anything different then what he said and he’s the guy in the room with the team and I would rather see him believe in his guys. It don’t matter what he says or does anyway cause he will be criticized no matter what. You would think he was a coach that came in and took a cup contender and destroyed it instead built it for the most part. With the guys we’ve lost n changes that have been made the past few years I think he’s taking way to much grief for a team that’s been as competitive as anyone and only now is really hurting after a ton of key guys went out and at a time we’re playing the hottest teams in the league too

    • JP it’s rediculous that people here are now criticizing a coach for trying to win. You truly can’t make this up! Yeah I wish the Rangers would go 0 for the year to get a chance for a lottery pick. However this isn’t going to happen. AV and the players get paid to WIN! What normal fan actually believes that AV will go into that locker room and say come on boys let’s stink up the joint tonight? What player would be okay with that? AV AND the players will do everything they can to win every game and actually make the playoffs.

      Every coach on the staff and player on the roster is looking to show the league and the Rangers they are the worthy to be on their roster. What organization goes out and signs coaches to lose? What team signs and drafts players thats ok with losing?

      Isn’t this the same guy who praised Andersson for throwing his medal into the stands but he showed he hated to lose? Yet know he’s criticizing AV for actually trying to win and utilizing players to achieve that goal. Once again the anti-AV crowd shows their craziness.

  • That’s the last thing you want to hear? Name me a coach that would accept losing? Come on wake up!

    AV and any coach getting paid for a living will never lay down and throw games. Each and every day they will do everything they can to improve their teams chances of winning. This isn’t something new. There has never been a coach in any pro sport who was paid to lose, and there will never be. The constant blaming AV for anything is getting beyond old and enough is enough.

    Rick Nash, McD or any other player who is being mentioned would never stand to have their ice time reduced because of their potential impending trade. Should they even go to practice if they might be traded? Why leave their apartments then, they may be hit be a car crossing the street. Hey Nash, stay in bed until you’re traded. Grabs just hang out on the couch until Gorton calls you and McD stay home and read a book because you all might get hurt. PUHLEEZE!

    • It’s sounds like a bunch of little kids already with these AV comments. AV is clueless cause he’s not losing games on purpose. Now you better be a little kid if you’re making that statement and actually being serious. Now we gotta critize every word he says at post game and say how all he does is chew his gum. Again that has to be a little kid mentioning his chewing gum behind the bench. I’ve seen fans all he does is stand there. Is he supposed to be running back n forth? Do you have him mic’d Up to hear what he’s saying? I also love the one about him not being able to win a cup with Vancouver. The guy was one dam game away man. Give him a break. Boston was tough team and they were trying to win a game too. Fans forget you can do everything right n still lose. For every play your team is trying to make the other team is trying to stop it and make one of their own. I mean you don’t think it’s a little ridiculous when you see fans say over n over that AV doesn’t like physical guys but then complain he’s playing Tanner Glass too much. I actually just seen someone on twitter say AV got Mcloed here cause he wants to being in his goons. He went as far as to say AV is known to play goons over skilled guys. What goons do we have? It’s stuff like that that tells me we ain’t it all. Next thing ya know they’ll be blaming AV for the bad weather.

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