When the Rangers coaching purge takes place, Benoit Allaire must remain

Once this dismal and disheartening season is over, the New York Rangers must continue to clean house. This time, the target will be the coaching staff.

First, please give a look to an in-depth rant on this subject right here!

Enough! Just fire this coaching staff already

Alain Vigneault, Scott Arniel, Lindy Ruff and Daryl Williams, all must go.

This season started slow with glimpses of a stable team and a lot of promise, but now that stability is crumbling. It is crumbling on the ice, as well as behind the bench.

AV must be the first to go. If this team wants to commit to a full rebuild, then going with a new skipper must be included. AV helped build one of the most fun and successful teams over his five years as the Rangers head coach, but he lost it this season. Pointing fingers in the wrong direction, lack of emotion and inexplicably terrible line combinations has been seen all season from his authority.

Scott Arniel, Lindy Ruff and Daryl Williams, additionally need to be replaced as well. This is essentially a brand new team, much younger and faster, and strategy must change to accommodate that. Implementing new personnel to teach and develop a new game plan for the coming seasons should be a major focus.

This rebuild will not be quick, and it may get worse before it gets better. For right now, fans and management need to be behind the team and hope for the best to end this season. Find new combinations that work, possibly giving Georgiev some more time, and the emergence of some more guys from Hartford are some areas to start. Both Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil will be called up to play the last 5-9 games, so as not to burn a year off their ELC.

The Rangers are ten points out of a wildcard spot, and with only 13 games, the playoff dream is beyond bleak. They should take this time to refine some edges and get ready for the long road ahead of a rebuild. The eyes are toward the future, so the past must be erased.

The Goalie Master

The only member of this coaching staff that must stay, is goaltending and assistant coach, Benoit Allaire. Allaire has been around Lundqvist the entirety of his career and coached him to being the franchise’s most winningest goaltender. With Lundqvist, seemingly, being on the tail end of his storied career, the Rangers must look toward someone that can split time with him.

Alexander Georgiev can be that guy, especially if Allaire stays on to teach and coach the 21-year-old. I’m certainly not saying that the rangers should 100% go all-in on Georgiev, but he has shown some promise. He, as well as Lundqvist, have been peppered with shots night-in and night-out, and fought off a significant number of them. Georgiev has faced 128 shots in four appearances. Transitioning into splitting time between Lundqvist and Georgiev, under the direction of Allaire, should be a key component of the rebuild.  

Allaire has also been keeping close tabs on the Henrik’s heir apparent, Igor Shestyorkin. In preparation for his arrival, Allaire has been watching all of Igor’s games on film. In an article back in 2016, Larry Brooks wrote that Allaire “was gushing over his technique and ability”. Based on his track record with goalies like Lundqvist, Cam Talbot, and Antti Raanta, it’s a no brainer to keep him.



  • The day after our last game should be the end of AV et al. Keeping Allaire is a no brainer.

  • Justin, have you been reading the posts and comments from the past 48 hours. We have discussed this from all angles. We all are firm in our positions. We all just have to wait and see. OK. LMHI

  • So once again the inmates are running the asylum but I do agree get rid of all including the manager as well , you could bring in a 100 different coaches but the heart of the problem still remains upstairs

  • William R Christian

    Keep playing Henrik. Discourage him. Let him realize its better to end his career with a seasoned team. PROMISE him his number will be retired soon after he retires. If we can do this, then the true rebuild can take place. Honestly, he is part of the reason Stepan and Miler were traded. They had enough of his kingship.

    • “Honestly, he is part of the reason that Stepan and Miler were traded”.

      Why “honestly”?, you make it sound like you know the truth like some kind fact. Stepan was traded because a 2c isn’t worth 6.5m and a ntc. Miller was traded because they don’t like the way his attitude/work ethic is trending, it’s all over the place as common knowledge. That’s a really bad thing to have in a room full of kids during a rebuild. Pretty silly comment not based on any sort of evidence.

      The only reason Hank should be traded is because he asks to be traded. He’s earned that being the face of the team and the only reason they’ve stayed relevant. Otherwise what is the purpose behind trading him now that cap space isn’t an issue?

      He’s been the only elite player on a team that’s made the playoffs year after year. You can argue his contract is a hindrance, you can argue he’s the reason they get bad draft positioning, because without him they’d of finished a lot worse most years…but the reason guys are being traded now? Stop ✋🏽

  • Bring Messier back behind the bench. He’s a true winner. If anyone can influence a young team, it’s the only guy who promised a cup and delivered. That would change this team completely. He’s the best candidate fir the job. Sather just has to humble himself and ask him.

    • William R Christian

      Unless they have a young college coach in mind, Messier might be a good choice. He’s been out of the game but smart—very smart.

  • The biggest problem with this team is Glen Sather and Jeff Gordon. Until they are gone this team will never improve enough to win a Stanley cup. I do agree that we should bring in Mark Messier but I don’t think Sather will do it.

  • I couldn’t even imagine a guy coming in to coach his first team ever in NYC with a team that’s rebuilding and has nothing in order yet. But what’s more important to me right now and has some excitement to it is that for Benoit to be gushing over the kid Igor sounds like he may be the real deal even more then I thought. Don’t forget he’s playing on a great team and sometimes guys stats are better because of it. But if Igor gives us the kind of goaltending everyone is saying he can we can be set up for the next 12 to 15 years and have the anchor we would need for this rebuild once it’s got a few years of forming the team we want

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